AGH University

Marcin Kowalczyk

(Assis. Prof. Tomasz Kryjak)

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University of Ulm

Andreas Herkle, Holger Mandry
(Prof. Maurits Ortmanns)

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Malek Safieh, Johann-Philipp Thiers, 

(Prof. Dr. Freudenberger )


Dimitrios Danopoulos

(Prof. Christoforos Kachris)

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TU Kaiserslautern

Vladimir Rybalkin

(Prof. Norbert Wehn)


2019 Winners & Finalists





University of Stuttgart

Ponnanna Kelettira Muthappa

(Prof. Dr. Polian)

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AGH University

Dominika Przewłocka 
(Assis. Prof. Tomasz Kryjak)


Detection of traffic signs using XNOR CNN

Partial Reconfiguration for chip characterization

OFFIS Multirotor 

Winner: PhD Category


Active sonar transponder


Razi Seyyedi, Soeren Schreiner, Jan Cordes

(Dr. Kim Gruettner)

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Politecnico di Milano

Lorenzo Di Tucci, Amedeo Baragiola, Gabriele Bonzi
(Prof. Marco Santambrogio)

Politecnico di Milano

Davide Conficconi, Eleonora D'Arnese, 

(Prof. Marco Santambrogio)

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Muhammad Fahad Hassan-Mobshar

(Prof. Jordi Cosp Vilella)

Compact coprocessor for the elliptic curve point multiplication

University of Mons

Monal Patel

(Prof. Carlos Valderrama)


University of Extremadura

Francisco Pajuelo-Holguera

(Prof: Juan A. Gómez-Pulido)

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Paderborn University

Andreas Krakau, Felix Paul Jentzsch

(Linus Witschen)

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Embedded computing FPGA Recommender systems

Object tracking in UltraHD resolution with correlation filter

Winner: PhD Category 

Politecnico di Milano

Giorgia Fiscaletti, Luca Stornaiuolo, Marco Speziali
(Prof. Marco Santambrogio)

Accelerating Neural Network on FPGA

ReconROS: Integration of FPGAs into a ROS network

Winner: Student Category

Object detection using Tenserflow and BNN with PYNQ

University of Calabria

Cristian Sestito 

(Prof: Stefania Perri)

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Bielefeld University

Maximilian Exner, Tobias Niggemeyer

(Dr.-Ing. Mario Porrmann)

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Jerusalem college of technology

Elchanan Schnaidman, Michael Eldin

(Uri Stroh)

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Atrous Spatial Pyramid Pooling for Fully Convolutional Networks

White Blood Microscopic Image Detection and Recognition PYNQ

Hardware accelerated Posit Computation

Eskisehir Technical University

Nevzat Taha Batmaz, Kaan Ibis, Serkan Kavak

(Assis. Prof. Ismail San)

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University of Glasgow

 Honghao Wang

(Shufan Yang)

Politecnico di Milano

Jessica Leoni, Valentina Corbetta, Asia Ciallella

(Prof. Marco Santambrogio)

Accelerating Modern Approaches of Dimension Reduction

SUMER: Maze Solving Car via Deep Reinforcement Learning

FPGA real-time Audience and Presentations Monitoring System


Heidelberg University

Philip Döbler
(Dr. Andreas Kugel)


Turing Bombe Dependent Benchmark (TURBOdeb)

Stochastic Convolution Neural Network (LeNet5) on FPGA

Winner: Student Category

IRON Image RegistratiOn oN FPGA

2-Dimensional LSTM Recurrent Neural Network

Approximate Similarity Search with FAISS in the cloud

Winner: Compute Acceleration

Accelerated Naive Bayes on PYNQ

Winner: PYNQ Category

Politecnico di Milano

Giorgio Colomban, Aaron Cettolin, Luca Carminati

(Prof. Marco Santambrogio)

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